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Leadership Team

Alexander Steinkasserer

Prof. Dr. Alexander Steinkasserer

  • Co-founder and managing director
  • Worldwide leading scientist in the field of CD83, with more than 20 years of experience and with almost 200 publications in the field of immunology
  • Years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industry such as Novartis and Baxter
  • University Professor and Head of the Department of Immune Modulation, at the University Hospital Erlangen
Manfred Groeppel

Dr. Manfred Groeppel

  • Co-founder and managing director
  • More than 25 years experience in the biotechnology field, as CEO, CFO, COO and Head of BD
  • Former co-founder of Immunic (Nasdaq: IMUX), a success story of bringing a start-up company to a Nasdaq listed biotech company in less than 3 years valued up to more than a half billion dollar
  • Successful track record of licensing transactions in the healthcare industry, worldwide, totals more than 300 million USD
Dmytro Royzman

Dr. Dmytro Royzman - CSO

  • Co-founder and CSO
  • sCD83 expert with numerous publications in the field of immunology